Dessert at Restaurant Hõlm in Tartu, EstoniaSource: Restaurant Hõlm

The best restaurants in Estonia according to the MICHELIN Guide

Estonia was the first Baltic country to earn a spot in the prestigious MICHELIN Guide. Here's a closer look at the restaurants that made the list.

After visits from anonymous inspectors, 35 restaurants in Estonia have earned a place in the 2024 MICHELIN Guide.

This year, 180° by Matthias Diether maintained its two MICHELIN Stars, NOA Chef's Hall stayed strong at one Star, and Kolm Sõsarat was added to the list of Green Stars. 

Three restaurants in Tallinn were also added to the recommended list: Âme, Radio, and NOK NOK.

Estonia's only two-Star restaurant

180° by Matthias Diether, Tallinn

Sitting within a modern harbor development outside the city center is this stylish restaurant named after the 180° view from its U-shaped open kitchen. After drinks and snacks in the restaurant's futuristic bar, guests can choose the 4-course tasting menu 'Flavours of 180 Degrees' or the 6-course tasting menu 'Matthias' Inspiration'. All come with a choice of one of three drink pairings: two wine-based and one non-alcoholic. Originally from southern Germany, Matthias earned his first MICHELIN Star in Berlin with his restaurant First Floor. At 180°, he builds on that experience with a range of unique, ambitious dishes. Ambitious, showy dishes are his hallmark, and his modern creations show an array of both flavor and texture contrasts, as well as paying great attention to detail.  Service is warm and engaging and helps to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Dessert plate at 180 degrees in Tallinn

Source: Lauri Laan

Fine dining in a spectacular seaside location

One MICHELIN Star: NOA Chef's Hall, Tallinn

Set within the same striking modern building as restaurant NOA is the stylish NOA Chef's Hall. Here, guests are invited to start their evening with an aperitif served in a romantic lounge with a splendid view of Tallinn Bay and the Gulf of Finland. The on-view kitchen is the heart of the restaurant, and the open fire is used to great effect. Luxury ingredients are to the fore and are sourced from around the world, depending on what's best, be it scallops from Norway or lobster from Canada, but locally foraged and preserved produce also plays its part. Head chef Tõnis Siigur keeps clients engaged from start to finish, with complex, highly original dishes full of complimentary flavors and texture layers. Choose between two well-selected wine flights to accompany the meal, and take advantage of the sommelier's expert advice. The friendly front-of-house team is proud of the experience they help create, and their enthusiasm makes for a delightful evening.

Seaside dining in Tallinn at NOA

Source: Restaurant NOA

What is a MICHELIN Green Star?

This award recognizes restaurants that adhere to the highest sustainability standards, demonstrate innovation and accountability, and meet ethical and environmental standards. These restaurants offer top-notch, eco-friendly dining experiences. 

Estonia's Green Star restaurants

SOO is an intimate dining experience in a nature resort; Fotografiska is located in the hippest neighborhood of the capital, while newcomer Kolm Sõsarat is run by three sisters in a remote location right outside Karula National Park. Their set menu showcases ingredients grown in their garden, reared on their farm, or foraged from the forest, and diners discover the story behind each dish as it is served. 

Estonia's Green Star restaurants

These restaurants have sustainability at the heart of their business.

What is MICHELIN Bib Gourmand?

Everyone knows that a MICHELIN Star is one of the most sought-after awards in the culinary business. Still, not everyone is as familiar with the "Bibs" — short for Bibendum, the actual name of the iconic MICHELIN Man. The Bib Gourmand designation started in 1997 as a way to recognize restaurants offering high-quality cooking at a great price.

Estonia's Bib Gourmand restaurants

These restaurants offer high-quality cooking at a great price.

Estonia's MICHELIN-recommended restaurants

Estonia's MICHELIN-recommended restaurants (continued)

How do restaurants earn a MICHELIN Star?

All MICHELIN-recommended restaurants are chosen based on the quality of their cooking, so inclusion in the guide is a sign of quality in and of itself. Only the best-of-the-best are awarded MICHELIN Stars. A MICHELIN Star in Tallinn is the same as a MICHELIN Star in Turin or Trondheim. The decision is not made in isolation; several inspectors eat at the restaurant under consideration before deciding.

When Inspectors decide whether a restaurant is worthy of a star, they consider the following:

  • The quality of ingredients
  • The harmony of flavors
  • The mastery of techniques
  • The personality of the chef as expressed through their cuisine
  • Consistency, both throughout the menu and over repeat visits

A MICHELIN Star is awarded solely for the food on the plate. This means any restaurant, formal or informal, specializing in any cuisine has the potential to earn a star.

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