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Hiiumaa island

Estonia's second largest island Hiiumaa is known for its seclusion, serenity, and silence.

As part of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Hiiumaa has no light or noise pollution. It is completely dark unless the moon and stars are shining, and completely silent unless the storm winds are howling.

Estonia's second largest island is a little over 1000 square kilometres and home to less than ten thousand people. Hiiumaa is a huge spa for the soul — breathe fresh air while walking in the forest, let your thoughts wander while you steam in the sauna, or focus on work in a stunning setting for a remote home office.

Untouched deserted beaches, moss and resin-scented forest roads, rich berry and mushroom forests and well-maintained campsites – Hiiumaa has 324 kilometres of perfectly marked hiking trails. Beautiful harbours await sailors and well-kept beaches for bathers. In Hiiu’s restaurants and eateries you’ll find tempting local delicacies, and on the rich fishing waters you can go fishing or buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen. Adventures can be found on land or at sea, and you can choose from a quiet campsite or a million-view cottage, or even telecommuting.

Hiiumaa island is accessible by ferry from the mainland between Rohuküla harbour and Heltermaa in Hiiumaa. The ferries called Tiiu and Leiger, take both cars and pedestrians. The ferry called Soela sails from Triigi harbour in Saaremaa to Sõru in Hiiumaa. Check schedules and purchase tickets in advance. For a quick and comfortable journey from Tallinn to Kärdla, consider flying, with the flight taking around 30 minutes. Book your flight tickets online. The harbours of Hiiumaa also welcome visitors with their small vessels - Roograhu harbour and Kärdla, Orjaku, Sõru, Kalana harbours.

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Nature lovers must not miss the picturesque Kassari Peninsula where Sääretirp, one of Estonia's most romantic places, is located. Long distance hikers can take the 234-kilometre-long trail that starts in from Heltermaa Harbour. Scenic landscapes await serious hikers and casual walkers alike. Around the island there are also several small tourist farms, holiday homes, and hotels, so there's no need to fly to Santiago for a pilgrimage! 

History lovers will want to stop by Hiiumaa's three lighthouses: Ristna and Tahkuna lighthouses were designed and manufactured in France while Kõpu Lighthouse dates back to the 16th century, making it one of the oldest lighthouses in the world.

Hiiumaa residents are proud of their local cuisine. Fish and lamb are island staples, as well as delicious homemade juices, sparkling drinks, Hiiu bread, and more. Sit down to eat and enjoy a meal at Ungru, one of the island's most popular restaurants, or buy food from local grocery store and make a picnic.

The largest lavender cultivation in the vicinity, probably the northernmost Lavender Farm in the world, is in Hiiumaa. Around 20,000 lavender plants grow on almost a hectare on the rocky outskirts of the Kärdla meteorite crater, and most of the work is done by hand due to organic production. 

Families with kids will love the Windtower Experience Centre — part museum, part conference center, and part community hub, it is 100% interactive and a top attraction in all seasons.

Hiiumaa's top attractions

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Hiiumaa is bigger from the inside than it looks from the outside. Although seemingly a small, quiet island, both visitor and summer resident will find everything and more here than in the big country or city. 

In Hiiumaa you can really take your time and just feel good. Be on your own, take a walk in the woods, throw stones into the water at the beach, watch the stars in the night sky.

For more information go and visit Hiiumaa's official website:

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