Tõnise farm in Muhu islandSource: Rivo Veber

Muhu island

Muhu is an idyllic small island next to Saaremaa, which deserves a longer stay and exploration.

On the way to Saaremaa, people usually pass Muhu island without stopping. Still Muhu is an idyllic small island that deserves an extended stay. Time seems to stand still on Muhu.

Muhu's timeless village ambiance and landscapes, unchanged for centuries, beckon you to find solace on the island. Distances between attractions are short, making it ideal for exploration by bicycle, horseback, or boat. Muhu celebrates the coastal people's culture from ancient times to the present day. The island strongly values ecological balance and promotes a nature-centric mindset.

Muhu is accessible by ferry from the mainland. Check schedules and purchase tickets in advance.

Source: Priidu Saart

The highlights of Muhu include the Koguva village with stone fences, Üügu cliff and one of Estonia’s oldest holy places – St. Catherine’s Church with its pagan tombstones. The ancient tradition of painting doors and decorating them with magical symbols has been revived in Muhu. The Muhu island is also home to an ostrich farm and the Tihuse horse tourism farm. the famous Muhu dark brad, wonderful handicrafts and great eateries can be found at the Liiva Centre. Pädaste Manor stands out with its architecture and high level culinary experiences.

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Muhu top attractions

Source: Rivo Veber

Explore Muhu by boat, bicycle, horse, or on foot

Muhu has some smaller harbours that are serving visitors with private boats: Port of KoguvaKuivastu Harbour and Lõunaranna Port. Destinations are never too far from each other on the island. So move around with bicycles, horses or boats.

But with the help of a local guide, you can move from Muhu island to a small and idyllic Kõinastu island by wading through the shallow sea. Bare your toes, roll up your pant legs, and let the seabed massage your soles.   

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