Lõun-Eesti kuppelmaastikSource: Kalle Palts

Cycling trip in the dome landscape of Võru County

Deep valleys alternate with steep slopes and straight roads with winding gravel roads

The dome landscape of Võru County offers challenges for even experienced cyclists

The trip starts at the Kubija Hotel and Nature Spa, where you can rent a bicycle. The first destination is Rõuge. In Rõuge, it is worth visiting the Pesapuu watchtower and Ööbikuorg Valley. You can then cool down in the deepest lake in Estonia – Rõuge Suurjärv. Local handicrafts are offered by Rõuge Kunstikuur Art Gallery. From Rõuge, the journey continues to Haanja, where Suur Munamägi and Suur Muna café are located. From Haanja, the road leads back to Võru. The total trip is about 40 km.

Start: Võru, Kubija
Finish: Võru, Kubija
Distance: 40.0 km

Kubija Hotel-Nature Spa


Do you wish to escape from the noise of the city, take a rest from everyday hustle and bustle, take some time for yourself and enjoy the soothing...

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Rõuge watchtower "Pesapuu"

Nature Sites

The Pesapuu watchtower is 30 meters high (the top observation platform is 27 meters from the ground) and it resembles a tree with two bird nests. The...

Source: Martin Mark

Ööbikuorg valley and Rõuge lakes

Nature Sites

There are seven lakes at Rõuge primeval valley, which is 10 km long and 52 metres deep. The lakes include Kahrila, Tõugjärv, Ratasjärv, Kaussjärv,...

Source: Kaisa Äärmaa

Rõuge Kunstikuur

Local convenience stores

Rõuge Kunstikuur is a unique place that sells a wide range of local handicrafts that artists have put their hearts and souls into. Everyone will find...

Rõuge Kunstikuur

Source: Rõuge Kunstikuur

Monument to the Estonian Mother

Architecture and history

The Monument to the Estonian Mother was inaugurated in Rõuge on 26 June 2010. The monument is meant to demonstrate appreciation for the Estonian...

Monument to the Estonian Mother

Source: Võrumaa Turismiinfokeskus

Lake Suurjärv in Rõuge

Nature Sites

Lake Suurjärv, or as the locals call it, ’Witch’s Lake’, which is located in a deep primeval valley, forms part of a chain of lakes in Rõuge valley....

Source: Kaisa Äärmaa

Observation tower on Suur Munamägi

Nature Sites

Observation tower on Suur Munamägi in temporarily opened. Suur Munamägi, 318 metres from the sea level, is the highest point of the Baltics. The...

Source: Võrumaa Arenduskeskus / Sven Zacek

Spa and Sauna Centre of Kubija Hotel

Day spa

The health services of Kubija Hotel and Nature Spa are ideal for clients, who value peace and quiet, high level of service and an individual...

Spa and Sauna Centre of Kubija Hotel

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