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Visit Estonia representation partners announced

Visit Estonia announced representation partners for 2024-2027

In an exciting development for the tourism sector, Visit Estonia has officially announced its new representation partners for the upcoming three years. This strategic move aims to enhance Estonia's visibility and appeal in key international markets, attracting a diverse range of tourists to the country’s unique blend of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and modern attractions.

Following a rigorous selection process, Visit Estonia has partnered with some familiar marketing and public relations agencies as well as with new ones with proven track records in the travel and tourism industry. These partners are set to play a pivotal role in crafting and executing marketing actvities that will highlight Estonia's attractions, but also hidden gems.

With these new partnerships, Visit Estonia plans to leverage cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, compelling storytelling, and targeted advertising to engage potential travel trade partners and travelers. The collaboration is expected to focus on key markets.

This initiative underscores Visit Estonia's commitment to sustainable tourism growth, aiming to attract visitors who appreciate and respect Estonia’s natural and cultural resources - these partnerships are anticipated to play a crucial role in helping to boost tourism and foster economic growth.

We are delighted to announce the list of partners:

Sweden: Aviareps
Norway: Related
Germany: Fame Creative Lab
UK: Nordic Travel Solutions
Spain: Newlink Consulting
Italy: Martinengo Communication
Switzerland: Gretz Communications
USA: Arena Destination Marketing
Japan: Foresight Marketing

For the Netherlands we also have a project based partner Aviareps.
In four countries we additionally have communication partners separately: Sweden - JoyVoy, Finland - Wolfcom, UK - Gosh PR.

Looking forward to going into action!



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