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Exploring Estonia's captivating capital

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and a perfect holiday destination if you want to combine a rich cultural scene in a historical setting with the vibrant comforts of the modern world. 

First established in the early medieval era, the Tallinn of today is an exciting mix of old and new. Although it has a compact and conveniently walkable city centre, don’t mistake Tallinn for a city you can fully explore in one weekend. With its rich history, diverse cityscape and a thrilling cultural scene, Tallinn will always give you a reason to stay for an extra day or two.

The Old Town of Tallinn is included in the UNESCO world heritage list as one of the best-preserved medieval town centres in the world.

The historical centre is surrounded by a modern city with high quality hotels as well as trendy neighbourhoods that feature world-class restaurants, fascinating museums and scenic seaside views.

Tallinn old town

Source: Kaupo Kalda

Source: visit estonia

The coastal vibe 

Tallinn has a luring coastline dotted with scenic promenades and sandy beaches that connect bustling seaside areas popular among locals and visitors alike. The formerly industrial neighbourhoods of Telliskivi, Noblessner and Rotermann are now the social hubs of the city and filled with places to see, events to attend and great food to consume.  

A place for great food 

The food you’ll find in Tallinn can be summarised in three words: quality, variety and seasonality. Two restaurants in Tallinn boast Michelin stars, a total of 24 restaurants in Tallinn are mentioned in the guide. With hundreds of restaurants and eateries scattered around the city, rest assured that whatever you’re craving, Tallinn will surpass your needs. Menus often change by the season, with restaurants making an effort to offer freshly procured ingredients from local sources.  

To find out more about what Tallinn has to offer, go check out – the official tourism website of the city of Tallinn! 

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