North Estonia

Saka Manor's caravan park and summer accommodation

In Saka Manor, in addition to the hotel, manor house and border guard tower Meretorn, it is also possible to rest in a caravan park, camping cabin or tents. The camping cabin has a total of 6 rooms next to each other: 2 apartments and 4 twin rooms.
In the caravan park of Saka Manor, there are five power units that can supply electricity for up to 15 vehicles at a time.
Our camping area for tents is located right on the edge of limestone escarpment and is separated from the coastal cliff by a row of trees.
Campers have at their disposal a campfire site with seats, where they can comfortably spend the evening hours.
There are numerous sculptures in the manor park and the stairs lead down to the beach.

North Estonia

Opening times

1. june - 30. sept

Round the clock


Lepiku, Saka küla, Toila vald, Ida-Viru maakond