West Estonia

One Day Nature Tour “Wild Berries”

Estonians love to pick wild berries, mushrooms and other forest givings so if you really look for essence of summer in Estonia don’t look any further but book this tour and feel yourself what it is to be real Estonian.
Tour takes place in North-West Estonia and in your tour you learn everything about eatable and also not eatable wild berries and mushrooms, history about how Estonians have used forest givings through centuries and how forest givings suit for your every day dinner table.
Tour also includes short outdoor knowledge course.
Tour starts and ends in Tallinn (transport included).

West Estonia

Opening times

1. july - 1. oct

Advanced booking only


Riguldi metskond 62, Tuksi küla / Bergsby, Lääne-Nigula vald, Lääne maakond