South Estonia

Nature Tours in Estonia – berry and mushroom picking trips in the Peipsiveere Nature Reserve

Berries and mushrooms are abundant in the marshes, bogs, and forests of the Peipsiveere Nature Reserve. For many Estonians, picking them is like a summer national sport.

Guided by an experienced guide, we will hike to places where you will find the best delicacies of Estonian nature, from blueberries to cranberries. We will learn how to find our own berry and mushroom spots, what to pick and what to leave in the forest, and how to store berries and mushrooms for the winter.

Berry and mushroom trips take place from mid-July to mid-October. The price of the trip also includes a lunch break in the forest. The trip is suitable for children aged 7+.


South Estonia

Opening times

15. july - 15. oct

Advanced booking only


Palgi, Ahunapalu küla, Kastre vald, Tartu maakond