Matsalu National Park and birdsSource: Martti Volt

Matsalu National Park

Matsalu National Park located in Western Estonia is a birdwatching paradise. Millions of migratory birds visit or nest in Matsalu yearly.

As an important feeding spot for birds migrating between the Arctic and Western Europe, Matsalu National Park is one of the most famous European bird-watching sites and a true paradise for nature lovers.

In addition to its mainland area, Matsalu also includes 50 islands and shoals. The land slowly rose from the sea after the Ice Age, and the people who settled on the coast made a living from cattle breeding, forming a meadow-rich landscape. Continued cattle grazing preserves the area's biodiversity, as the local species depend on these open grasslands.

In addition to birds, Matsalu National Park also protects semi-natural habitats characteristic of Western Estonia (coastal and floodplain meadows, alvars and wooded meadows, reed beds, small islands) and the cultural heritage of the Väinameri region. One of the most exciting sights of the park is Northern Europe's largest flood meadow, a significant nesting area for the corn crake.

Matsalu has received a quality label from the European Union of Protected Areas (EUROPARC Federation), which recognizes the sustainable development of nature tourism in the region.

Explore Matsalu

Climb birdwatching tower, listen to warbler songs by Kasari River. Explore closer with organized boat or canoe trip.

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