North Estonia

Maidla Nature Villa Kaseke

Eco-label Green key
A unique Nature Villa, located just 50 min drive away from Tallinn, awaits guests to have a private accommodation where they will experience stunning views in a cozy yet luxurious atmosphere like nowhere else.
Through the historical park of Maidla manor, we guide you to our boutique Nature Villa that's surrounded by untouched nature.
This modern glasshouse is specially made to merge into the wetlands and help you admire the surroundings in the best way possible.
A night in Nature Villa includes delicious breakfast and a tour at Maidla Manor complex.

North Estonia

Opening times

1. nov - 31. march

Advanced booking only

1. april - 30. june

Round the clock


Maidla mõis/1, Maidla küla, Rapla vald, Rapla maakond