Educational trail in Pääsküla bog

The 4-kilometre trail runs along the soil and boardwalks through different forest types, over canals and springs. A 10-metre observation tower is located on the side of the pine forest, where it is also possible to take a rest. The trail is passable in every season without getting one’s feet wet.
The 2-kilometre long trail for children and differently abled people runs mainly on paved roads and is passable in full (along with platforms) with a pram and a wheelchair. Information stands introducing the nature in the bog have been mounted on both parts of the trail.
Do not put up a tent or make a fire here. Take your garbage with you. If you want to pick berries and mushrooms, do so away from the bridges and trails, so that the next person on the trail could also see what the bog has to offer.


Opening times

Open all year round

Round the clock


Pääsküla raba, Nõmme linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond