North Estonia

Bear watching with a nature photographer

Have you ever seen a bear with your own eyes? Now is your chance!
It is most likely to see bears in a small group and the huts are designed for 2–3 people. The huts also have shooting holes that are very low, allowing the bears to be photographed from eye level. The best time is to come in spring and summer, because then, there is enough light even at night.
The huts are located on the edges of grasslands and one in a sparse forest.
In addition to bears, there are raccoon dogs, who sometimes offer very interesting photography opportunities. You may also see badgers, foxes, pine martens, and several wild birds.


North Estonia

Opening times

25. april - 30. sept

An advanced bookings only


Tihase, Kõue küla, Kose vald, Harju maakond